Joy’s 31 days on Adoption Welcome!

joy's 31 dayson adoption (1)

Welcome!  I’m Joy and I will be writing for the 31 days writing challenge ( on adoption.  It’s a topic near and dear to my heart because I’m an adoptive mama.

Here I am with our little guy on Mother’s Day…

I want this series to serve several purposes:

#1-inspire and encourage those of you who are considering adoption or who are already involved in adoption

#2-inform and educate those who are curious about adoption

#3-develop myself as a writer

#4-remembrance for myself about this adoption journey and its purpose

I started this blog just so I could participate in the 31 days writing challenge. But I hope to develop it into much more.  That’s why its called “Joy’s Soapbox”…so I can write about whatever I want and share things I love and enjoy.  I do hope you will stick around.   Thanks!


Day 2-Our Story (part 1)

Day 3-Our Story (part 2)

Day 4-Our Story (part 3)

Day 5-Our Story (part 4)

Day 6-Different Ways to Adopt Option #1

Day 7-Kings & Queens

Day 8-What I’m learning so far

Day 9-Different Ways to Adopt Option #2

Day 10-Miracles & Foolish Things

Day 11-Movies

Day 12-Different Ways to Adopt Option #2 continued

Day 13-Different Ways to Adopt Option #3

Day 14-Birth Mothers

Day 15-Different Ways to Adopt Other Options

Day 16-A Guest Post (Anna)

Day 17-Different Ways to Adopt Option #4 International

Day 18-Comparing Costs

Day 19-Fundraising & Judgement

Day 20-Video of the Rodgers Family

Day 21-I can’t get over the miracle of adoption

Day 22-The Race Question

Day 23-The Age Question

Day 24-Maybe

Day 25-

Day 26-

Day 27-

Day 28-

Day 29-

Day 30-

Day 31-

Other possible topics:  fundraising, adoption books, transracial adoptions, adoption movies, open/closed/semi open adoptions, how you can help foster/adoptive families


30 thoughts on “Joy’s 31 days on Adoption Welcome!

  1. Happy blogging! I’m so glad you started your blog just in time for the 31-day challenge. Adoption sounds like such an emotional but also rewarding process. I will be glad to follow along.


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