Joys 31 days on Adoption–What I’m learning so far

joy's 31 dayson adoption (1)

Hi!  I’m Joy and I’m writing about adoption for 31 days.  Get all the details HERE.

I am 7 days into this challenge and I’ve learned some great things so far about myself.  Which is great because on of my goals in doing this series was to develop myself as a writer.  I learned that I prefer to write about our story or experience, I don’t like writing plain informational so much.  I think the reason behind that is that I don’t feel like an expert or authority.  I learned that I find this challenge exciting and I have so much I want to say about adoption.  It feels like I could write well beyond 31 days.  I’ve learned that I don’t like the discipline it takes to sit down and write everyday.  🙂

Here is one thing I was thrilled to notice:  I decided a few days ago to message several ladies I know personally who are adoptive mamas.  I was asking for some of their favorite adoption books, quotes, etc… for future posts and asking for anyone who wants to write about trans-racial adoptions and international adoptions.  I realized I know over a dozen adoptive mamas.  WOW!  That really hit me as a huge blessing.  What a network of like-minded ladies.  Thankful for those ladies who are living out the Gospel everyday, many of whom influenced our hearts during our adoption journey.  God has been so kind to surround us with those folks.  And hopefully, I can introduce you to a few of them in the coming weeks.


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