Joy’s 31 Days on Adoption–Movies

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This is just a fun post.  Here are my favorite movies that have adoption themes.  This is not an exhaustive list, so please add to the list in the comments!

Annie-The original Annie movie (1982) with Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters is the best.  What a cast!  What music!  And the happy ending will leave you smiling.

Despicable Me-Can you believe I love this movie?!  Cute little Agnes gets to me.  And the way Gru changes because he loves the girls?  I almost cried at this cartoon!

What to Expect When You are Expecting-While this movie is about several expectant ladies and their experiences, I love that one expectant mom is becoming a mom through adoption.  This movie is funny and touching.  While the adoptive element is fantastic, the pregnant mom elements may be tough for a mom who has experienced infertility.

The Blind Side-Its been awhile since I’ve seen this, but I love how it portrays a mom who sees a kid in need and she helps him.  She isn’t afraid of the hard parts and she makes a difference in his life.


And what about these?

Tarzan-I know he’s adopted by a gorilla, but still…..

Kung Fu Panda 2-Yes, it’s a cartoon where a crane adopts a panda.  But still some great adoption themes.

Superman-Classic movie, you know the story.

American Girl movie, Samantha-If you have girls, you should watch this one!





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