Joy’s 31 Days on Adoption–A Guest Post (Anna)

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Hi!  I’m Joy and I’m blogging about adoption for 31 days.  WHY?  Start HERE.

Today, I have a guest post for you from one of our dear friends, Anna.  She just brought home her sweet boy, Eddie, from Bulgaria 2 months ago.  Thanks for sharing your story, Anna!

Our Story , International Adoptions and Orphans

I always knew that I wanted to adopt. I don’t know if it was reading Christian literature when I was a teenager, the influence of adoptive families or just grace, but from a very young teenage age, I knew that I wanted to adopt. It was always there.

When I began dating the man who is now my husband, I asked (very early in our relationship!) how he felt about adoption. He was not opposed, but had no strong convictions.

As we dated, became engaged and got married, we continued talking about adoption. After we had been married almost a year, I felt like the Lord was giving me the go-ahead to pursue adoption. The same day that I felt the Holy Spirit impress this on me, Steven told me that he thought it was time to adopt.

However, time flies when you are having fun. It was almost a year before we began pursuing foster-to-adoption with our local department of family and children’s services. We took all of the classes and prepared our home  for children. We thought we were ready—and then the door closed. No warning, no explanation. Weeks turned into month, and our paperwork never got completed by the social workers.

As time went on, Steven and I tried to conceive. We pursued having biological children for almost three years. Finally, one night, after a particularly hard six months of infertility emotions, I told Steven that I wanted to adopt—no matter what! I felt that we had a baby out there for us, whether we got pregnant or not. We began praying about what kind of adoption to pursue.

Steven and I looked at domestic, international and foster-to-adopt. We knew that we were pretty frustrated with our local fostercare/adoption resources so we chose not to consider foster-to-adopt any more. We decided to go what seemed the most logical route, and pursue a domestic infant adoption (adopting a baby in the US). We began working with an agency.

A  day dawned, that we thought was just any other day…and then one of us got onto Facebook, and saw the sweetest face staring back at us. Our agency, which has both domestic and international programs, had posted  a picture of the sweetest little boy with Down syndrome, in Bulgaria. We had already decided that we were open to special needs (because, after all, if we say that God makes all people beautiful and worthy of love, then who are we to judge or run away from special needs?) so we admired his picture and put it in the back of our minds. A few days later we inquired about this little guy. As I write this, he is sleeping downstairs, just over a year after seeing his picture. Such grace!

International adoption was not our first choice. We were afraid—after all, it seemed so complicated and confusing. Plus, it requires a certain amount of faith to believe that this kid, whose picture you are holding, actually exists somewhere across the ocean. However,  the Lord used our adoption to open our hearts to the orphans of the world.

153 million. That is how many orphans there are. So, you argue—what if statistics are wrong? Well, what if they are half wrong? Then there are “only” 76.5 million orphans. Even if there is only one percent of that—it is still 1.5 million orphans. Whether you believe the statistics or want to argue, there are a lot of orphans.

International adoption may be a way that God wants you to meet needs. It is scary, it requires faith and you have no guarantees. However, it is much scarier for the kid who is growing up alone than it is for you. You might not be ready to adopt, but I assure you, no child is ready to be an orphan.

So that is our story. The Lord used some really tough situations (infertility, not being able to do foster care, trying to adopt a baby) to bring us our sweet, sweet son who is three, has Down syndrome and is from Bulgaria. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!



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