Joy’s 31 Days on Adoption–Different Ways to Adopt Option #4 International

joy's 31 dayson adoption (1)

So, the last adoption option I can think of is international adoption.  I only know a little about this option, so I’ll tell you what I know.

International adoption is when you adopt a child from another country.  I’m pretty sure you will need an adoption agency to proceed this way.  If you have a specific country you are wanting to adopt from then look for an agency working with that country.  Not all adoption agencies provide international adoption services for all countries.

I’ve been told that it is recommended to use an agency and a country that are both Hague accredited.  Here is a website with more info on what that means.

Some adoption agencies work with specific countries or orphanages to provide hosting programs.  This is where they bring a dozen or so children to the US for a week or two and the children live and interact with a family.  The purpose is to find a family to adopt these children, but not all the children are adopting by the hosting family.

I can’t really speak to the process of international adoption because I don’t know a lot about it.  I do know that the process, the wait time, the available children, and the cost vary from country to country.

Here are some great organizations to start your research with:

Bethany Christian Services

Lifeline Children’s Services

Embraced by Grace

New Horizons


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