Joy’s 31 Days on Adoption–The Race Question

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Hi!  I’m Joy and I’m writing about adoption for 31 days in October.  If you are new, start HERE.

So, sometimes the “elephant in the room” is the race question.  No matter what type of adoption you choose, you are going to have to answer the question, “What races are you willing to accept?”.  For some, this might be an easy question to answer.  But I suspect for more people than would like to admit, this is actually a tough question to answer.  It was for us in the beginning.

When we first started our adoption journey, we wrestled with the race question so much.  We wanted to be the kind of folks who could easily say we were okay with any race, but we weren’t.  We couldn’t quite figure out a reason why.  We have friends of other races.  Our kids go to school with kids of other races.  Our neighborhood is quite a mix of races.


As we wrestled through this question, one day my husband was talking to a friend about us struggling with the race question.  This particular friend is Caucasian and has adopted several times.  His family is a variety of color.  When my husband asked him how to handle the race question, our friend turned to him and said, “There are 150 million orphans in the world, just pick one!”

In essence, I think he was saying not to worry about the race issue.  Do what your family can.  There are many, many orphans who need homes of every race.  This was so freeing for us.

The funny thing is, the further we got into our adoption journey, God worked on us and race became a non-issue.  If you have read our story, you have seen the photos.  We were matched with 3 girls who were African-American/Haitian.  Our time with them solidified to us that race wasn’t a limiting factor to us anymore.

So, if you are wondering how to answer the race question, if you are unsure as to how your family can work when adopting children of another race, remember that it really doesn’t matter.  There are orphans of every race, just pick one.



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