A start…

I’ve tried my hand at blogging before.  First, a blog on how to save money at the grocery store.  I think it helped a lot of my friends, but my timing was all wrong and there were many other deal blogs really taking off around that time that did a much better job than I did.  I wasn’t willing to put in the time and effort, so I dropped it.  My second blog (and accompanying Facebook page) was much more successful.  In fact, the blog still gets views every day. I wrote about something that excited me….freezer cooking.  (Check it out here:  www.fearlessfreezercooking.wordpress.com)  I think it helped that I enjoyed it and it seemed to help encourage others in their freezer cooking.  I think it became a good resource for recipes and ideas.  It was so fun.  But again, I began to feel like I wasn’t really the expert folks were looking for.  I just didn’t know enough.  Life was getting complicated too, and so I stopped maintaining both the blog and the Facebook page.

I really enjoy reading lots of blogs.  Some are fun, some are inspiring, some are helpful.  The successful blogs I read encourage folks when starting a blog not to write to become famous, but write because you love writing.  And lately, I’ve been thinking, I may love writing.  Sometimes I feel like I just really need to write.  Not only that, I know I may be just another blogger out there, but I hope I have a fresh voice with good things to say.  I hope to use this platform to develop and become a writer.